The Symphony Learning Trust - established 2016
                                                                                                                                                                                                 The Symphony Learning Trust - established 2016                                                                      

What does local governance look like?

Finance – an equal percentage of funding (through consistent Funding Formula between all schools based upon pupil numbers)

A ‘top-slice’ will be retained by the MAT based upon each school’s current spending on central services* (see below).

The ‘Top-Slice’ will be calculated as follows:

  • If the cost of the service is based upon pupil numbers, schools will be charged per pupil

  • If the cost of the service is based upon staff numbers, schools will be charged per staff member

  • If the cost of the service is per institution, the school will be charged for their institution

  • In Year One, the surplus of the £75,000 will be used to provide a contingency to run the MAT. In subsequent years, schools’ contributions will be based upon the previous years’ operational costs and future priorities. This will be calculated transparently.

  • If the £75,000 grant is not forthcoming, schools will be charged a per pupil fee to be confirmed to cover the shared services in Year 1.

Services would not cost schools more as a result of being in the MAT.

The Business Managers will be responsible for clarifying costs associated with these services, to ensure that efficiencies are secured and provide the Trust with ‘value for money’.

The rest of a school’s budget will be delegated, from the Trust, including:

  • Any carry-forward at the point of joining

  • Sport Premium

  • Pupil Premium

  • Devolved Capital (where delegated per school)

  • Top-up funding for Special Needs (including Education, Health & Care Plans)

  • Any balances

  • School generated income (e.g. lettings, fundraising, grants)


*Shared Central Services (agreed at a ‘Trust’ level)

An aspirational list – to build up over time.

This is not an exhaustive list

Emboldened are non-negotiables

  • Admissions / Appeals

  • Heads’ Performance Management

  • Internal Audit

  • LEAMIS / Capita

  • Educational Psychology

  • Governor Development Service

  • Grounds Maintenance

  • Health & Safety (Fire, Wiring, PAT Testing – statutory duties)

  • Recruitment (advertisements)

  • School Direct (Initial Teacher Training)

  • School Improvement

  • Shared bid writing

  • Sports’ Coaches

  • Staff CPD (Training)



    Governance at a local level




    As a single employer, there are certain policies that will be centralised by the Trust (for legal reasons and efficiency), such as:


    Some of these policies will contain annexes relating to individual Academies for local variations


    It is recognised that some policies and procedures provide a framework for the individual identity of a school and these would remain locally agreed, such as

    • The LGBs will be responsible for the day to day running of the Academy e.g.

      • Staffing Structure

      • Local Policies+

      • Academy Budget

      • Special Educational Needs and Disability

      • Health and Safety in the Academy

    • Committee structures of Governing Bodies are agreed between each ‘hub’ (including Terms of Reference).

    • Terms of office continue into the new M

    • All HR Policies

    • Charging and Remissions

    • Finance (and Accounting Policy)

    • Health & Safety

    • Pay Policy

    • Special Educational Needs and Disability

    • Staff Code of Conduct

  • Learning and Teaching
  • Behaviour
  • Curriculum
  • Uniform
  • Vision


  • Teaching and Learning

All schools in the Multi-Academy Trust will use the Symphony Assessment System to ensure consistency for analysis of pupils’ performance. In order to continuously improve outcomes and opportunities for pupils in the MAT, all schools agree to:



  • Share expertise to facilitate joint working

  • Raise attainment and progress

  • Improve teaching

  • Develop and Improve Leadership, Management and Governance at all levels

  • Share expertise and knowledge

  • Deliver a wide range collaborative events to inspire pupils’ learning

  • Moderate shared data

  • Opportunities for career development and progression will be created with the Trustees strategically planning career pathways at all levels.

  • No member of staff will be forced to move to another school within the MAT.

       Associated with the

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