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Consultation – HR Policies and Procedures

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Employers are required to carry out meaningful consultation when changes are proposed to HR policies and procedures.


As maintained schools this consultation was conducted between Leicestershire County Council and the recognised Trade Unions.  However, as an academy trust the expectation is that we will make our own arrangements for such consultation to take place.


This could potentially result in consultation with staff on numerous policies each year, placing demands on staff time and generating additional workload for everyone. 


This consultation proposes an amendment to terms and conditions of employment for all staff, current and future, which would remove the need for school level consultation on many of these policies, provided certain criteria apply.





The Symphony Learning Trust subscribes to a Service Level Agreement with Leicestershire County Council for the provision of HR Services, which includes access to model policy documents.  Before publication of the model policies LCC already consult meaningfully with all of the Trade Unions recognised by the Symphony Learning Trust. 


We therefore seek your views on the addition of a clause into the terms and conditions of all staff (teachers and support staff) to the effect:


“The Symphony Learning Trust may adopt, without further consultation, any model HR policy and procedure for Academies that is published by Leicestershire County Council HR Services, provided that:


  1. The policy/procedure has been subject to consultation by LCC with the recognised Trade Unions prior to its publication;
  2. The policy/procedure is to be adopted without amendment, save for personalisation to the Trust (i.e. formatting, alignment of delegation of responsibilities to reflect Trust structure, etc) and/or selection of options which match the existing policy;
  3. Staff shall receive at least 1-month written notice of the revised policy being adopted.


The Symphony Learning Trust reserves the right to move away from one or more of the model HR policies and procedures published by Leicestershire County Council HR Services, at any time.  In such circumstance, staff and Trade Unions will be consulted prior to adoption of the alternative policy and again on any subsequent changes to that policy, including if a future decision is made to return to the LCC model policy/procedure.


This clause applies irrespective of whether a particular HR policy is deemed contractual or otherwise”



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